“I am very grateful – Vuk did a very good job”

“I got hurt on a barge. When I got hurt, Vuk, helped with my case. I am very grateful. He did a very good job for me, along with his secretaries and everyone else.

I would recommend him to any of my friends that I see of that would ask. I am willing to recommend him to anyone.”

Inocencio was a man with a plan. He struck out from his family’s ranch in Mexico to see the world and earn enough to provide for his family. He worked with SIU as a longshoreman, and his hard work paid off. He’d moved up the ranks of his union and was a highly respected supervisor. His crews would clean the holds of barges after they delivered their loads to ports around the world. In 2013, he was sent to supervise the cleaning of a barge in Corpus Christi, Texas.

While on the barge, he was crushed when a gantry crane was moved without warning. He suffered massive injuries, underwent multiple surgeries to fix the damage caused by a crane, and was in a coma for 3 months. His plan to keep working as a longshoreman and then retire a few years later to work on his family’s ranch was also crushed. He needed round the clock care and would need constant medical help for the rest of his life.

He hired us to help pursue a claim against the company that owned the barge. Vuk¬†obtained a settlement¬†that would take care of Inocencio’s lifetime medical needs.

Inocencio P., Longshoreman crushed by crane, Mexico