Case Results

Austin Bridge & Road told to pay ironworker's family $17,720,000 by Harris County Jury

$17,720,000 verdict resulting in judgment of more than $19 million

On Thursday, April 14, 2016, a Harris County jury returned a nearly $18 million verdict in favor of the family of an ironworker. Jose Dario Suarez, 55, drowned during the construction of the pedestrian bridge for Baylor University’s football stadium in January 2014. His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the construction companies.

After hearing all the evidence, the jury agreed and placed 100% responsibility for Mr. Suarez's death on Austin Bridge and Road. The final judgment is more than $19 million.

ExxonMobil settles lawsuit brought by workers burned in fire

Confidential Settlement

When two workers were injured in a fire that broke out at the ExxonMobil refinery in Beaumont, Texas, in April 2013, they turned to us for help holding ExxonMobil accountable. Our experience in holding companies accountable after major accidents and catastrophes helped our clients get the compensation they deserved.

ENSCO Offshore settles Jones Act lawsuit brought by rig hand

Confidential Settlement

Find out how we helped John hold ENSCO Offshore accountable for the safety failures that caused him permanent and painful injuries to his knee.

John, a true "pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps" guy turned to us for help when he found out he needed surgery on his knee. ENSCO pulled every trick in the book to avoid compensating John for his injuries. Through litigation, we were able to force the company to fulfill their duties according to the Jones Act and take responsibility for the safety failures that caused John's injuries.

Maersk settles lawsuit brought by victims of Somali piracy

Confidential Settlement

Most injury lawsuits don't change the world. This lawsuit effectively ended Somali piracy. Brought by nine of the crew members who were attacked by pirates on April 9, 2009, aboard the Maersk Alabama, this lawsuit made the world of global shipping and maritime security recognize the threat of Somali piracy could no longer be ignored or be downplayed.


Weatherford settles explosion case brought by oilfield specialist

Confidential Settlement

“I couldn’t remember if I kissed my wife goodbye, but I had to help my buddies.”

Months after an oil well blew out, killing two men and injuring two others, Don kept reliving the blowout. The four crewmen weren’t just roughnecks on the job, they had been Don’s friends for years. As a senior oilfield specialist for Weatherford, Don was no stranger to the risks of working in the oilfield. This blowout changed everything. Find out how we helped him get answers to what happened and the compensation he deserved.

Trucking company violated federal rules, settles with family

Confidential Settlement

When the truck in which Sonya and two of her young children was hit at high speed by an 18-wheeler, killing her son and injuring her daughter and herself, the family turned to us for help.

After spending hundreds of hours working on the case, investigating the trucking company thoroughly, and uncovering evidence previously hidden from public view, Vuk and Brian agreed to mediate with the trucking company and its insurance company. After the mediation, the trucking company and its insurance company opted to settle out-of-court rather than risk financial ruin in a jury trial.

The terms of the settlement are confidential. Although nothing will ever replace Hunter, Sonya and Justin have been able to make good use of the settlement by providing for their family and by helping with local charities.

Spartan Offshore settles back injury case with driller

Confidential Settlement

Donnie injured his back trying to prevent an emergency from occurring aboard the Spartan 208. He did everything by the book and thought Spartan would do the same. Donnie was met at the dock by a claims adjuster working for the company; Spartan used every trick in their book to avoid fulfilling their duty under the Jones Act. Find out how we helped Donnie get the help he needed to hold Spartan accountable.