“We built a personal bond and that helped me so much.”

Gene with Byron and Brian after his trial

In September 2013 I was struck by an 18 wheeler exiting the freeway while I was riding my motorcycle. I was knocked off the motorcycle at 45 mph and rolled across three lanes of traffic. I was transported to the hospital for my injuries. Within three days after the accident I started having issues with lower back pain. After being referred by another attorney I contacted VB Attorneys and met Brian Beckcom and what a blessing that was for me and my family.

After many doctors’ visits it was determined that surgery would be required for my injuries after one year had passed. Brian and Byron made sure I got the best care needed in order to recover from the injuries sustained in the accident. When it came to a trial date it was amazing to see how Brian’s team (Byron, Lena, Patti & Emily) made me feel that they were the best representation needed to win my case. At the end of it all the verdict was in my favor and I was not at fault and justice was served. I can tell you that this was a three year process and I could not have asked for a better team to fight for me. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for the right people to represent them in an injury case, you could not ask for any better they truly cared about you as a client.

Plus a special thank you for Patti who always had an answer or got one when I had concerns during the case. We built a personal bond and that helped me so much getting through all of this process.

VB Attorneys you are awesome and you did more for me and my family than you will ever know. Don’t stop doing what you do best and that is caring for the people you represent.

Yours truly,

Gene A.

Warehouse Manager hit by an 18 wheeler while driving to work, Houston, Tx