“The amount of work they’ve done for me is amazing.”

Jordan’s company was rushing crews, planning jobs poorly, and failing to hire enough people to safely complete jobs. X-Subsea USA, LLC, Jordan’s company, knew his crew was understaffed when they sent them out on the Gulf of Mexico for a job. They insisted Jordan, who was a supervisor, get his crew working right away even though they’d been traveling for 12 hours with no rest. The crew was exhausted and in danger. Jordan did what any leader would do and stepped up to help them out. He herniated two discs in his lower back that first hitch.

When Jordan got back on land, X-Subsea tried to bully him into accepting a $1,500 settlement even though he’d already accumulated over $12,000 in medical bills. Jordan knew he needed help and called us. We helped Jordan get the medical care he needed, including back surgery to repair his herniated discs, and negotiated a settlement for Jordan that’s 400 times their initial settlement offer. After his case settled, Jordan sat down to talk about his experience working with us. He says:

“Hi, my name is Jordan Naylor. I was injured working offshore about two years ago. And I searched out VB Attorneys and I’m very happy that I did. I mean, between Brian and Lena and Patti, you know the amount of legwork, you know I – dealing with Patti, mostly. A lot. And I know she probably has a full plate on you know, but just was always there, you know, to help me out, you know, answering my emails setting up flights or hotels, or you know loans or whatever it might have been, you know.

“First of all, Patti – thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for everything. You’re great. And then obviously, Brian, you know, is just a real guy. I guess, you know, sometimes you get these feels of like, attorneys, or you meet some attorneys and they just have like that fake kind of demeanor and they’re just going through the motions. You know. And it seems like you could just sit down and talk to Brian as a real person, you know, and he shows legitimate concern like I said before about my health. And it’s just, it’s just every time I see Lena, it’s just you know, she always has a smile and gives me a hug and just the amount of work they’ve done for me is – it’s amazing and I thank you guys so much, you know.”

Jordan N., Offshore Supervisor, Houston, Tx